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Sharing and selling


I try to support my passion for photography by sharing it with other people fascinated, like me, by the magic that is created by crystallizing an instant of light in the flowing of time.
In the past I kept a blog and participated in some web forums dedicated to photography. Today I am present on Facebook and Twitter, thanks to which I can keep in touch, discuss, compare and exchange opinions with many photographers, printers and photography lovers in general.
What I really aspire to, and which repays me for every effort, is the possibility of offering a print to those who want to enjoy one of my shots imprinted on paper.
It is clear, however, that producing good prints requires, in addition to materials and equipment, also time and a certain degree of competence.
Therefore I believe it is correct to provide some price indications - mounting on passepartout and shipping excluded - to those wishing to contact me for a purchase:
- prints up to A5 format starting from 21.00 euros;
- prints up to A4 format starting from 36.00 euros;
- prints up to A3 format starting from 48.00 euros;
- prints up to A3+ format starting from 55.00 euros;
- prints up to A2 format starting from 73.00 euros.

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